Saturday, September 26. 7pm—4am

The Half-Lit Moon

Curated by Dave Dyment. Learn more


Andrew Buszchak

Light installation

Half the Air In A Given Space

Martin Creed

Interactive Installation

The Known Effects of Lightning on the Body

Lee Henderson

Video Installation


Gary James Joynes

Sound Installation


Sasha Krieger

Video Projection

108 Leyton Ave

Kelly Mark

Video Projection

Soccer Pitch

Priscilla Monge

Interactive Installation and Performance

Blue Christmas

Ali Nickerson

Interactive Installation and Performance

Wish Tree / Imagine Peace

Yoko Ono

Interactive Installation and Billboard

Bouncy Highrise

Jon Sasaki

Installation and Performance

Make It Flat


Installation and Performance

Special Commissions

Flora: Digital Greenhouse

Amelia Scott And Joel Adria

Pothole Possibilities

Sarah Amato And Monique Mcfarlane

Dance Of The Cranes Presented by Ice District

Brandon Vickerd

Independent Projects

Nickelodeon Project

The Drawing Room

Group Exhibition

Gotta Minute Film Festival


Various artists

Harcourt House

Nika Blasser & Shawn Rayner

A Promise is a Promise

iHuman Youth Society, Sandra Bromley and Steven Csorba

Light the Bridge: Daily Visions

Jason Kodie & Scott Peters

body || light

Kate Stashko, Anastasia Maywood, Krista Posyniak


Sally Raab

Drive In/Dance In

Mile Zero Dance

National Elevator Project SWEDEN

Theatre Yes

In Sight, Out of Sight

Ninety Bears Arts Collective

Scene Report, with Wendy

Walter Scott, Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective

Where did you go?

The Orange Girls


Quarters Arts Society


Ramshackle Day Parade


Sydney Lancaster & Marian Switzer

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Street Light

University Of Alberta Museums