Bouncy Highrise

Jon Sasaki

Installation and Performance

Intersection of 100 Street and 102 a Avenue (in front of the Art Gallery of Alberta).

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While ostensibly a comment on urban density and redevelopment (and perhaps a satirical poke at ‘utopian architecture’), Bouncy Highrise ultimately becomes a Sisyphean challenge. The artist and a crew of installers (armed with a pair of scissor-lift trucks) will attempt to erect a fifty-foot monumental sculpture by stacking seven inflatable bouncy castles on top of one another. Audiences are invited to watch as the performers deal with the inevitable leaning, buckling, deflating and falling of the castles over the course of the evening.

Jon Sasaki’s projects invariably risk and often court failure, with tragedy an inevitable by-product of a practice that is aspirational at its core. His multi-disciplinary practice borrows strategies from Conceptual Art, and invests them with humour, pathos, and an emotionally resonant core.

Sasaki’s work has been exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions, including the Ottawa Art Gallery, the Tom Thomson Art Gallery in Owen Sound, Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina, the Southern Alberta Art Gallery in Lethbridge and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Recent group exhibitions include Platform Art Spaces in Melbourne, Nihonbashi Institute of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, MoCCA in Toronto, the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery in Toronto, Pace University Digital Gallery, in New York City and Dazibao in Montreal. He was recently selected as a 2015 artist-in-residence at the Glenfiddich Distilleries in Dufftown, Scotland.

This project is co-produced by the Art Gallery of Alberta and Nuit Blanche Edmonton and presented by Langham Developments Ltd.