Ramshackle Day Parade

Willow Room, Boyle Street Plaza, 9538-103a Ave

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Combining elements of live performance and sound installation, Connectivity will reflect on the ways art is influenced by the communities and physical environments in which it is created and on the symbiotic relationship between audiences and performers.

Performers will create a continuous sound piece that will be manipulated by audience members. Interactive software will allow listeners and performers to work together in creative ways to shape the sounds being produced.

Ramshackle Day Parade is an Edmonton-based collective of experimental musicians and sound artists, as well as a digital record label that serves to catalogue the work of said artists. The group has been hosting regular events since 2008 and has received national attention through music review sites such as Weird Canada and Argue Job, amongst others. The principal artists presenting Connectivity are Brendan Anderson, Parker Thiessen and Abram Hindle.