Dance Of The Cranes Presented by Ice District

Brandon Vickerd

103 Ave and 102 St (Ice District). Performance begins at 11:00 and lasts for 60 minutes. Viewing area is City Centre West Parkade, 103 St and 103 Ave.

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Dance of the Cranes is a choreographed dance performed by four high-rise construction cranes towering over the streets of downtown Edmonton. Repurposing these utilitarian machines as the star performers, at midnight they will come to life in a synchronized spectacle of motion. Illuminated in the dark sky, the cranes will slowly begin to pivot, rotate and sway in harmonized gestures, each crane performing the same delicate motion hundreds of feet above the viewers on the sidewalks below. As the performance progresses, the accompanying ambient music will echo through the streets, creating the sensation that the entire City is the stage for this complex performance, and immersing the audience within the spectacle.

Brandon Vickerd is a Toronto based artist and Professor of Visual Arts at York University. His exhibited projects have been diverse in form and content, including site specific interventions, public performances and object based sculpture. His public art projects deliberately do not reveal themselves as art, but seek to insert an anomaly into the viewer’s experience of the everyday. Purposely diverse, his work straddles the line between high and low culture, acting as a catalyst for critical thought and creating the opportunity for a communal artistic experience shared by a huge number of people.

Vickerd recently completed a commission for the Edmonton Arts Council titled Wildlife, installed in the Quarters’ District.

This project is presented by Ice District.