Flora: Digital Greenhouse

Amelia Scott And Joel Adria

City Hall, exterior West side (intersection of 100 Street and 103 Avenue)

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Flora: Digital Greenhouse is a pop-up digital greenhouse, a conservatory of alienflora. The digital greenhouse is a world contained, waiting to be discovered. Viewers can leave reality at the door and enter a new ecosystem where nature and technology have become one. Get curious and explore this interactive garden of light and sound or relax, allow your senses to wander and let the plants discoveryou.

Amelia Scott and Joel Adria both have roots in the performing arts and are graduatesof theatre production programs. Scott and Adria found their passion for interactive experiences while working together atThe Banff Centre. Scott remains involved in the theatre community, most recently at the helm of the multi-projection system of Ghost River/Alberta Theatre Projects’ production The Last Voyage of Donald Crowhust in Calgary. Adria is the faculty projection technologist at The Banff Centre and he teaches video at MacEwan University. Adria is assisting with the production of Helen Lawrence, a cinematic stage play directed by Stan Douglas.

This project is presented with support from the Edmonton Arts Council.

This Artwork is part of the extended programming for Alberta Culture Days.