Half the Air In A Given Space

Martin Creed

Interactive Installation

City Centre Pedways to East Parkade, 2nd and 3rd floors over 102 A Ave. Please enter exhibit from either the 2nd or 3rd floors through City Centre.

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An artwork that has no weight, no permanent shape, and no certain outcome, Half The Air In A Given Space gives tangible form to the air around us. It is an interactive work that invites playful participation.

Creed’s instructions are as follows: “Calculate the volume of the space. Using air, blow up 12-inch balloons until they occupy half the volume of the space… As usual the space should be full of air, but half of it should be inside balloons. Extra balloons may be added over time to maintain the volume of the work, or else the balloons may be left to deflate naturally.”

Martin Creed is a celebrated British artist and musician, well-known for challenging definitions of art through mundane yet thoughtful and impactful gestures. He won Britain’s prestigious Turner Prize in 2001 for Work No. 227: The lights going on and off, in which the lights in an empty room turned on and off at five-second intervals. The year prior his large neon sign the whole world + the work = the whole world, was emblazoned on the façade of Tate Britain. He studied in London at the Slade School of Fine Art, graduating in 1990. He is represented by Hauser & Wirth, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise and Galleria Lorcan O’Neill Roma galleries.

Creed states: “I think it’s all to do with wanting to communicate. I mean, I think I want to make things because I want to communicate with people, because I want to be loved.”

This project is made possible thanks to the cooperation and support of Edmonton City Centre and Oxford Properties Group.