In Sight, Out of Sight

Ninety Bears Arts Collective

Various locations throughout the downtown core

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In Sight, Out of Sight invites viewers to reflect on different aspects of night through a series of questions and statements presented on street signs. There are aspects of the night that are not quite the same during the day. Moments in the darkness can allow individuals to reflect and gather different thoughts and insights. The signs will allow for double meanings and endless possibilities.

Ninety Bears Arts Collective is a group of Edmonton based artists and designers who aim to engage the community through creative collaborations presented throughout the city. Begun informally in 2008 when a group of first year University of Alberta Art and Design students hit it off, the collective’s members have been actively creating, designing, instructing, volunteering and exhibiting locally, nationally and internationally. They include: Hannah Gelderman, Davis Levine, Amanda McKenzie, Wendy Mulder, Christine Rossi, Matthew Satchwill, Kit Walton.