Light the Bridge: Daily Visions

Jason Kodie & Scott Peters

High Level Bridge (this installation is visible from a distance)

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Jason Kodie and Scott Peters will create organic forms with the structure and lighting of the High Level Bridge. Using video capture elements and software systems in concert with the three horizontal levels of the bridge, their theme is “organic”, and is inspired by the world we inhabit here in Edmonton, Alberta.

Jason Kodie is an award-winning musician from Edmonton and has been a part of the Edmonton music community for the past 25 years. He has played diverse local, national and international stages as well as the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Silver Skate Festival, and with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Scott Peters is an award-winning Lighting Designer, Production Manager, Musician, and long time Edmonton resident who has worked in Edmonton’s Arts and Cultural Industry for over twenty-five years. Scott is currently Production Manager and resident Lighting Designer for Theatre Network as well as Lighting Director for The Silver Skate Festival, The Interstellar Rodeo, Shakespeare in the Park, and NextFest.