Nickelodeon Project

The Drawing Room

Group Exhibition

The Drawing Room, 10253 97 Street (across from the Provincial Courts)

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Drawn by flashing lights and gaudy posters, a line forms outside a storefront along a busy downtown street. A small group is ushered into a tight, dark space to watch a series of short films, only to be ushered out again after several minutes and replaced with another group of excited viewers. Coined in 1905, the term Nickelodeon combinesthe words “nickel,” the price of admission, with the ancient Greek word “odeion,” meaninga covered theatre. The small, storefront theatres were popular in the early 1900s until longer films and larger theatres became more common. Although maligned by someas cheap and tawdry, Nickelodeons were the egalitarian entertainment of their time, offering the working class an escape from their everydaylives.

In this multimedia installation, Nickelodeon Project, viewers will be shown a reel of short films created by members of The Drawing Room Collective. The exhibition features artists: Chelsea Boos, Sara French, Cynthia Dovell, Devon Beggs, Robert Harpin, Michael Cor, Olivia Chow, Tory Culen and others.