Scene Report, with Wendy

Walter Scott, Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective

Stanley L. Milner Library, exterior west side (between Second Cup and Centennial Plaza).

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Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective presents new work by internationally renowned artist Walter Scott. Scott’s diptych projection installation features his ongoing Wendy Comic Series. A trendy, twenty-something living in an urban centre, Wendy aspires to global success and art stardom but her dreams are perpetually derailed by the pitfalls of that world, including parties, boys and alcohol. Entitled Scene Report, Scott’s installation makes visible the hidden, often underrepresented private lives of visual artists. We see beyond an artist’s ‘finished work’ into the narrative and private lives of the artist as a work in progress itself. The graphic characterization of Wendy serves as a vehicle from which Scott can examine the constructs found within the ‘art scene’. Scott’s work investigates the construction of identity, superficiality and the intersections of complex relationships centred within the art community—in the midst of an elite structure of artist, curators, critics and the general public.

Walter Scott is an interdisciplinary artist working across disciplines of writing, illustration, performance and sculpture. Scene Report is presented by the Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective, which supports Indigenous art in the Edmonton area and advocates for innovative, experimental creative practices and research.