Sasha Krieger

Video Projection

World Trade Centre, exterior east wall (9990 Jasper Ave, across from the Hotel MacDonald)

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In cinema, the lone traveller, lost in the wilderness, will invariably come across an open space and call out, hearing nothing back but their own echo. This gesture, enacted in the hopes of making contact or just the satisfaction of hearing the reflection of one’s own voice, plays out dozens of times in Soliloquy, the trope collected and arranged as an endless monologue. Projected onto the side of a downtown building, Krieger’s collaged film inhabits the great outdoors, allowing the character’s voices to echo throughout the city.

Sasha Krieger is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores issues surrounding originality and process in acts of creative production. She received her Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in Photography from Emily Carr University in 2005 and her Masters degree in Fine Arts from California College of the Arts in 2010. She has exhibited her work locally and internationally at venues such as, University of British Columbia’s AHVA Gallery, Vancouver, MacArthur B Arthur in Oakland, Sight School in Oakland, RVCA in San Francisco in and For-Site Foundation in Nevada City, California.