Street Light

University Of Alberta Museums

Windows at Street entrances to University of Alberta Museums Galleries at Enterprise Square (10230 Jasper Ave)

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Alysha Creighton and Emilie St. Hilaire

University of Alberta Museums presents Street Light, featuring work in the University of Alberta Art Collection by Alysha Creighton and Emilie St. Hilaire. Both Edmonton-based artists use light and projection in their respective works to consider issues of identity and self as mediated by technology.  Installed in street side windows around Enterprise Square in downtown Edmonton, Street Light is part of a larger exhibition entitled Brain Storms: UAlberta Creates (September 24, 2015 to January 23, 2016) featuring hundreds of creative and visually inspiring works from University of Alberta Alumni including: paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture; film, video works and installations; furniture, books, fashion, theatre and industrial design.

The University of Alberta Museums Galleries at Enterprise Square is committed to displaying innovative, creative and inspiring art in order to add to the culture in the heart of downtown Edmonton.

Alysha Creighton is an intermedia artist from Vancouver, BC, currently living and working in Edmonton. She holds a BA in Visual Art from Trinity Western University and an MFA in Drawing and Intermedia from the University of Alberta. Her performance-based practice draws on her background in dance and movement, exploring moments of physical, social and psychological tension between people through drawing, photography and video. She is currently visual artist in residence at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.

Emilie St. Hilaire is an intermedia artist and University of Alberta MFA graduate currently working with video and installation to create meditative spaces in which to consider technology. Through the use of projection, light, and colour Emilie’s work considers the space between the virtual and the real.