Wish Tree / Imagine Peace

Yoko Ono

Interactive Installation and Billboard

Sir Winston Churchill Square (Wish Tree) City Hall, exterior south side, behind The Friendship Tower (Imagine Peace)

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“All my works are a form of wishing. Keep wishing while you participate.”

In this special installation of Wish Tree, Yoko Ono has envisioned the placement of 121 trees throughout Churchill Square. Event participants are invited to write a wish on special tags that will be provided, and tie it to a branch of the Wish Trees. After the event, the wishes will be collected and sent to the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in Iceland, and the trees will be planted in communities throughout Edmonton.

One of Ono’s pioneering uses of advertising space for artworks was the War Is Over! If You Want It billboard campaign in a number of countries throughout the world in 1969 (produced in collaboration with John Lennon). She continues to take out full-page ads with works that combine art and activism.

The IMAGINE PEACE billboard will be hung adjacent to Edmonton’s City Hall on Churchill Square, providing a compelling message to the city, the country, and the world.

Yoko Ono is a New York-based Artist.

This project is presented by Qualico Commercial. Special thanks to EIDOS Consultants and Classic Landscapes for their support. 

This Artwork is part of the extended programming for Alberta Culture Days.