Visitor’s Guide

Saturday, September 26. 7pm—4am

This is the first time the international contemporary art party Nuit Blanche has been held in Edmonton, so you might be wondering: “What am I supposed to do?” Don’t worry, our handy Visitor’s Guide will show you the way.

What To Do?

We’re so glad you asked: Nuit Blanche is a contemporary art event, which means interesting, sometimes challenging art is all around you. To find out who and what is being presented, check out our programming or study the map. The festival’s official program is comprised of fourteen artworks that will all exist for one night only, and there are seventeen independent projects located throughout downtown—most of them within a five-minute walking distance of Churchill Square.

Need more ideas? Visit our Nuit Blanche Info tents for information on exhibits, amenities, special events, buy merchandise and find out more about who we are! You can find us at the South West corner of Churchill Square, at CN Tower and on Rice Howard Way.

Take this Map

Download and print this PDF-version of the map to ensure you never get really lost while you’re getting lost on purpose. And, you may notice, it folds up into a fortune teller to help you “plan” your night. Give it a go—see something random!

Nuit Blanche PDF Map

Is Nuit Blanche Kid Friendly?

Nuit Blanche is everyone friendly—it’s an all-ages event that features enough exhibits that there’s something for everyone. So bring your kids, bring your grandma, bring everyone you know. It starts at 7 pm and runs until 4 am, giving families plenty of opportunities to check out exhibits before late, and night owls time to get their fix as well. However you want to take it in, Nuit Blanche is an event that will challenge, engage and reward you at any age.

Alberta Culture Days

Nuit Blanche Edmonton is proud to be a Feature Celebration Site. As part of Alberta Culture Days, several installations will have extended opening hours. Read more here.

Download our Nuit Blanche app

This is a must-have to have the full Nuit Blanche experience. Included is an interactive map, over 50 programming details and special insider notifications that will give app users the best times to check out exhibits. Save on cell phone data charges during the night of and download the app now! Available on Android and Apple devices only.

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Getting There


Most of the action takes place in and around Churchill Square, making transit your best bet. Almost any downtown bus will get you close by, and the LRT will take you directly to the site—just alight at Churchill Station, head up to ground level and you’ll be in the midst of the party. Edmonton Transit Systems will be providing late night service from 3AM – 6AM every 30 minutes from our programming zone on specific routes. These routes are as follows:

The route # 9 will service north Edmonton as well as south Edmonton

The route #8 will service north east Edmonton as well as Millwoods

The route # 1 will service west Edmonton

The 512 will service from Downtown to Clareview TC

Check out the late night service map.

Need Park and Ride information? 


If you live nearby, or even if you don’t, a bicycle is another excellent way to get to Nuit Blanche, and a bike will let you get from the main site to the festival’s satellite sites quickly and easily, all night long. Edmonton Bicycle Commuters are proud to supply bike racks for locking up your two-wheeled wonders. You can find them to the East side of the Library off 99 Street and 102 Ave.


There’s plenty of parking around the Nuit Blanche site! Find parking in many Impark lots in surrounding areas or in parkades:

  • Rice Howard Way parkade
  • City Centre West parkade
  • City Hall parkade

Please note, the City Centre East parkade will be closed for repairs during Nuit Blanche.

Road Closures

Some roads will be closed downtown to accommodate the event. For detailed road closures go here.

Taxi Hub

Our taxi hub can be found right next to our Bike rack station. You can find them on the East side of the Library off 99 Street and 102 Ave.

Food and Drink

Getting lost makes one hungry! Visit our food truck clusters around the site to replenish your energy for exploring the night!

Food trucks can be found in the main Hospitality Zone on 99 Street between 102A Avenue and 102 Avenue, in front of the CN Tower and on 102 Avenue at The Nuit Blanche Grand Night Market.

  • Explore India
  • Bully Food Truck
  • Churros King
  • Dedo’s Food Truck
  • So Cal Smoothies
  • Spice Rickshaw
  • Our Truck Is Your Truck
  • Quick Meal
  • Sailin’ On
  • Streetside Celebration
  • Nomad Espresso
  • Lemon Grass Grill

Also, some of the surrounding local restaurants will stay open much later than usual, to facilitate late-night hunger brought on by intensive wandering. Satisfy yourself here:

  • Blue Plate Diner (10145 – 104 St)
  • Hundred Bar Kitchen (10009 – 101 A Ave)
  • L’Espresso (3 Sir Winston Churchill Square)
  • Woodwork (10132 – 100 St)
  • Sherlock Holmes Pub (10012 – 101 A Ave)
  • Freshi (10135 – 100 A Street)
  • Three Bananas (9918 – 102 Ave Churchill Square)
  • Cafe de Gama (10020 – 101 A Ave)

Night Market

The 124 Grand Market proudly presents the Nuit Blanche Grand Night Market, running from 7pm to 3am on 102 A Ave, between 100 and 101 Streets. Come explore a selection of Edmonton’s best local craft artisans and food producers in the bustling nighttime atmosphere.

First Aid

First Aid is located on the SW corner of Churchill Square. Remember, if there’s an emergency you can always flag down a volunteer or staff member!

Lost and Found

Lost and Found is located in our main Info Tent, on the South West corner of Churchill Square!


There are plenty of Security Personnel walking around Nuit Blanche Edmonton to ensure things run smoothly! However, If you have an emergency and cannot find a member of our Security Team, flag down a volunteer or staff member and we will contact them directly.


Washrooms can be found in various places around the site:
EPCOR fountain on Churchill Square, City Hall washrooms, port-a-potties on 102 Ave in front of the Library, at CN Tower and Rice Howard Way.

Rest Area

Getting lost is hard work! Take a load off in our designated Rest Area, in the green space on the east side of Churchill Square. Bask in the glow of Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree exhibit while you reload to keep exploring the night!

I Want to Support Nuit Blanche

That’s so kind of you! In an effort to keep this festival going, we’re selling merchandise on site. So please, pick up a little something and let everyone around you know that you’re a supporter of contemporary art in this amazing city. We’ll use the profits from the merch to put on the 2017 edition of Nuit Blanche in Edmonton. Also, you could donate directly through PayPal.